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My Wellbeing Story - How I am Happier, Healthier, and Fitter at 57 than I was at 47

As you know, my main passion & reason for being here is to see us women in midlife live happy, healthy & well. I can't expect others to do this if I don't do it myself. This week I’m going to be spilling the beans & sharing with you how 

I am healthier, happier, and fitter at 57 than I was at 47; I am. This is my reality and can be yours too. Here are a few of the things that have helped me


First things first! It all started "upstairs", i.e., in my head!  I made a decision, was intentional & sought out solutions to all my menopause symptoms. 


I suppose my pharmacy background helped with research, but honestly, I wouldn't have had the changes I've had if I hadn't changed my mindset and decided to live a healthy, happy, and well life despite and in spite of the symptoms I experienced



I’ve experienced a number of symptoms, from sweats to flushes & hair loss, but one of the most troublesome symptoms I had were gastric problems. I found I couldn’t tolerate certain foods. I was bloated a lot of the time & generally felt uncomfortable, especially after dinner. My tummy issues were horrible, embarrassing, and made me miserable. 

I knew I needed a change, so following extensive research, I made a few changes. Here are a few of the things I did to give myself some relief.


  1. A gut reset.
  2. Changed my eating patterns.
  3. Substituted certain foods 

I can now say I am definitely "Gut Happy" and know how and what to keep myself that way.



I have managed to maintain a fitness regime that has helped me:


  • Become way more energetic than I’ve ever been.
  • Maintain a consistent weight.
  • Have strong bones and muscles.
  • Less aches 

Some of the things I’ve done include:

  1. I walk, walk, walk, mostly because I can't stand the sensation of running.
  2. I have a routine of stretching exercises.
  3. I am out in fresh air and nature a lot—it helps clear my mind and keeps me calm and happy.

But I think what has mainly helped is me being consistent. I have also chosen activities I enjoy. I'm especially proud of myself for completing a 10k walk last year, which I could never have imagined doing before.


My self-care quotient is high! In fact, I've dubbed myself the queen of self-care because, honestly, if I don't look after myself, no one else will. It helps me keep stress at bay! I feel loved, definitely happier and generally maintain an all-around positive and unfrazzeled disposition.


Some of the things that help me:

  1. Positive self-talk: I'm big on affirmations.
  2. I have a lot of self-compassion. I'm easy on myself when I mess up.
  3. I know my limits and build in a lot of rest and relaxation time and activities into my life.
  4. Of course, using great products and treatments also helps. However, self-care extends beyond R&R, facials, and spa visits.
  5. I am mindful of the foods I eat to nourish my body in midlife. 
  6. I move my body to regain energy; I look after my bones and muscles.
  7. To eliminate stress, I create and respect my boundaries.


I could go on and on, but you get my drift. Self-care is a priority key for health and well-being at midlife.

I hope this has given you a glimpse into what is possible for well-being in midlife. I'd also say I am somewhat knowledgeable on what to do and self-motivated which may not be the case for others.

One key factor that helps anyone seeking a change in an aspect of their lives is accountability and support, I call it the glue that makes things stick. So if you desire a change in any area or need help learning how to deal with any of your symptoms, please do not hesitate to reach out!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and from you in general, so send those in too.

Till our next post! Stay happy, healthy & well Bukky x