Our 30 Days To Healthy Living Reset Plan

As a pharmacist of over 3 decades with a special interest in lifestyle medicine, I’ve seen and know too well the burden of chronic disease, especially as we grow older and typically research shows these diseases are linked to our lifestyle.
Midlife is an amazing phase of life.  Women in midlife, have been there, done that, served their families, work in amazing careers & should grasp the freedom midlife brings, so it saddens me to see them burdened at this phase with chronic disease or emotional baggage that prevents them from living their best lives.
So, I would like to introduce to you our 30 Day Reset plan; this runs every month and is a 30-day plan for Women in Midlife who:

  • Have piled on the pounds and would like to kick start their metabolism to aid weight management.
  • Constantly feel fatigued and need more energy.
  • Would like to learn how to eat more healthily for this phase of life; create meals that serve them and are sustainable.
  • Suffers the bloating or other issues we get at this stage.
  • Feels sluggish and needs a reboot.

This plan will help you to:

  • Boost nutrient intake
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Support weight management
  • Feel increased energy levels
  • Kickstart you to a healthier NEW you
  • Basically REBOOT You

Here’s what others on the plan are saying:

“….Just wanted to share with you all the difference 29 days has made 😊 Better skin, increased energy levels, weight loss and can wear better clothes“  A.N

“Another great day trying new food combinations , this really is not that difficult. Planning is key, people noticing the changes 8 days in.  Starting the cleanse tomorrow” G.B

“At the half way stage! Feeling good! my body shape has changed! Less bloating, more energy”. C.W

These are products we’ll be taking on the plan, with an investment of £257 for the 30 Day pack + fitness instructor. All other coaching is FREE 

The products include:

Vegan protein powder, Detox tea, Digestion support, fibre support, vegan caffeine sticks, colon cleanse

 You can pay via this LINK

In addition – as an extra bonus you get:

  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Clean eating Recipes and shopping lists provided
  • Fab community to interact with
  • Finally – 3 levels of support

A brief word about support – this is an area where I feel most people attempting a lifestyle change are let down.   That’s why I have committed to add in 2 extra levels of support to members of my community that start this programme. In addition to the group coaching, you will also get coaching from me & guidance from a fitness expert to help us.  Btw, I am in the group myself, so we are in this together!  

“Health = Happy”. Get ready for this exciting programme, it is going to be an amazing journey to your healthy living.

To find out more about the programme here’s the full manual (p.s.its a big read but worth it) . Once you’re done and ready to sign up or have any questions please contact me or call me on 0208 088 0895.  If you’re ready please pay £257 via this LINK.

For my sisters in Nigeria, I’ve got you – this is available for you too. If you’re based elsewhere please let me know and we’ll make this available for you, as best as we can

I look forward to you joining me on the journey to your healthy lifestyle and Vibrant Midlife.

Remember, the time for your healthy lifestyle is NOW!

Love Bukky x