Effective Weight Loss tips for Midlife/Menopause

Losing Weight Is As Easy As 1,2,3,4,5

These tips include suggestions in each of the elements you need to work on in order to achieve your health, fitness, wellness and weight loss goals: (loving your body, eating right, exercise, support and accountability) as a bonus, I’ve added in some affirmations for you

1. Love Your Body

Embrace where you are on the way to where you want to get to.  When you love your body, you are encouraged to look after it, think good thoughts about it and speak kind words to it.  I recommend this should be your starting point on any weight loss journey.

2. Eating Tips

Next time you order or make pizza for yourself or your family ask for or use half the cheese. You’ll barely notice any taste loss. But what you will lose is tons of calories and a whole lot of grams of saturated fats. Pizza doesn’t have to be left off the weekly menu anymore. 

Also, with other meals see how you can reduce calories or save approx. 500 calories per day from your meals.  Having smaller portions is another thing to consider Eat more cooked meals than processed or restaurant meals and more vegetables, moderate amount of fruits. good fats, nuts, go organic if possible, for yo

3. Make Exercise Safe and something fun you enjoy

In order to lose weight, you have to become more active. Most people avoid moving their bodies and modern society doesn’t help. You can pick up food, a prescription, your clothes without leaving your car. I recommend you aim to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, even if you have to break it up into 10-15 minute chunks. Not only will you burn calories, you can walk with your family and increase your quality time as well. Move family time away from the TV and onto the street.  If you can build this up to the magic 10K steps per day, even better.

Sometimes, you may not be able to go out for a walk, so then I suggest you walk indoors here is a good source to help you.  Leslie Sansone: https://youtu.be/DYuw4f1c4xs  you have absolutely No Excuses!!  

Sport England is a great resource and has a special campaign for women; find it via https://www.sportengland.org/campaigns-and-our-work/this-girl-can

Strengthening Exercises

These use our muscles to pull on our bones and boost bone strength; they include:yoga, pilates, press-ups, planks, squats, using weights and resistance bands. Aim to do strengthening exercises at least two or more days per week.  Personally, I love pilates as I have found it so helpful for my overall wellbeing, it also helps with my core and hence my abs.  A couple of sources for you

Rachael Girl with the Pilates Mat:  https://youtu.be/D9Sb1Zi7AQA

Isa Wellyhttps://youtu.be/5ptKtJU287

4. Get a Buddy

Exercise with a partner;  but before you start make a pact that you will not let the other person down and you will pick them up should they start losing interest. It’s much easier to let yourself down then another person. You won’t do it, because you’ll feel bad if you do.  As a pair working on similar goals you can spur and support each other on the journey

5. Accountability Tools

A food diary is a great way to keep track of what you eat and when. Keep track of what you consume on an hourly basis throughout the day. If you do this for 2 weeks you will see exactly where those extra calories (and thereby those extra pounds) are coming from. Also, don’t forget to keep track of what you’re drinking.

A wearable device is also great to help you keep track of your step count throughout the day and motivates you to hit your set target . It doesnt have ot be anything fancy with bells and whistles; go with something affordable so you can get started. Here’s a version I use myself https://amzn.to/3jEJhj4

Here’s the bonus I promised

Healthy Weight Affirmations

I love affirmations, one of my things is “Say it, See it” so here I’ve shared a few you can say daily to further help your weight loss journey

  • Today, I maintain a healthy body weight
  • I take my body weight and health seriously
  • I strive to eat foods that help me maintain a healthy weight
  • I exercise to support my health and weight management
  • As I eat healthily and exercise my body achieves a weight that is healthy for me
  • My food choices and exercise habits make it easy to keep me fit and trim
  • Today, I enjoy my healthy body weight

Before you go, please tell us in the comments, if this was useful for you. Also, please share the post with your friends or on your social media handles to help me in the mission to get the healthy lifestyle message out to as many women in midlife as possible  

Finally, whatever you do, stay safe & well.  Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle and remember the time for your healthy lifestyle is NOW!

Love Bukky x