Back To My Roots

…Hello Everyone

I thought I’d give you some background as to how Vibrant Midlife came to be. Last year, I mentioned in my other online communities that I’d be taking a new direction… and here it is. As you may or may not know, I’ve been a pharmacist for 33+ years, working in the pharmaceutical industry for many blue chip Pharma companies dealing with scientific data, training, policy writing, creating scientific material and communicating with healthcare professionals and patients about various medicines. 

In September last year, when I came to the end of my most recent contract, I was an exhausted Medical Affairs contractor. I knew at that point I needed to take time out to to discover what I wanted to do with the rest of my life as pharma as I knew it wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

I’ve always had a passion for “ living well” with a focus on preventing illness rather than treatment. I guess years of reading leaflets in medicines and talking to countless patients about their symptoms, treatments etc helped me develop that focus. I joke that “I’m the pharmacist who doesn’t like to take medicine”

So, after a lot of soul searching and with the help of an awesome executive career coach, I’ve decided to pursue a career in “Lifestyle Medicine”. Another way to describe this would be “Health coaching”. However, I won’t bore you too much with definitions – suffice to say my focus is helping women in midlife live in health and wellbeing on their terms.

I’m working with women in midlife as I am at this stage of life myself, I can totally relate to the experiences and symptoms of midlife and can proffer specific help to this group of women. As a scientist, I believe in an evidenced based approach to healthcare, so lifestyle medicine ticks that box for me also

I believe this is my life’s call. Lifestyle medicine also ties into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No.3 – “Good Health and well being for all” and through my work I hope to play my part in helping to transform our world by transforming the health and wellbeing of my clients. 

I’m on the start of a very exciting journey with some lofty goals (why not eh?). I’ll be undertaking formal study and will share a lot more of what I’m up to, as well as all I’m learning to help as many women in midlife who want a change and are committed to make the lifestyle tweaks needed to live in health and wellbeing

I’d love to hear from you so please pop a comment below.

Thanks for joining me on your journey to a vibrant midlife. The time for your healthy lifestyle is NOW! 

Love Bukky x