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Menopause Awareness Sessions 1st &2nd; October 2022 part of Redbridge BHM Events

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Join Bukky Ayoade at these empowering sessions about the Menopause Transition  The Sessions will give an overview of what menopause is and isn’t covering: 
  • Menopause mindset 
  • Menopause stages and ages – including perimenopause & post menopause
  • Menopause symptoms & treatments 
  • What is Health and Wellbeing?
  • Wellness Keys for the midlife woman to live her best life 
  • Some practical tips
  • Q&A and discussion
This is a workshop for both Women and Men -so they learn how to support the women in their lives…wives, partners, sisters, aunts cousins, colleagues 

About Bukky Ayoade NHS Practitioner, Pharmacist, Author, and Certified Health Coach is currently sharing her expertise at NHS England helping to deliver the National Menopause Programme to support women through the menopause transition

Bukky is passionate about women living a Vibrant Midlife during this time in a woman’s life, she will share her many years of experience with you talking about ‘The Menopause’, which is filled with gems and nuggets of information! she will run 2 awareness sessions on each day. 
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